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Cars, Trucks and RVs

"We can handle pretty much anything" says our owner Doug Kleinhenz, an award winning mechanic for over 25 years.

Your Full Service Mechanics

 We service vehicles from simple oil changes to engine changes, brakes, anything you need!

NAPA Auto Care Center

Napa parts are under warranty. “If you break down anywhere in the country, you’ll be towed and the repair will be done free,”

Locally Owned and Operated in Litchfield, OH

Quality Automotive, located at 8035 Norwalk Road, (Route 18), in Litchfield, is open Monday - Friday,  from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Your Trusted Auto Mechanic For Life

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Fixed Right First Time

Our Owner, Doug Kleinhenz, brings over 30 years of Honda Training and exeperience on all Honda Vehicles. He has been honored among the nations top 10 percent in Honda's "Fix it Right the First Time Program".

Save 50% Off Dealer Costs

Don't pay top dollar at a dealership; our customers routinely save up to 50% over dealer prices. We offer friendly service, ASE certified mechanics and at a great price!

Peace of Mind Warranty

BEST WARRANTY ANYWHERE - 2 years or 24,000 miles warranty on parts and labor! “If you break down anywhere in the country, you’ll be towed and the repair will be done for free.

Monthly  Specials!

ASE Certified

Preventive Maintenance Services

Tune-Up Electronic Ignition

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Adjust engine timing As required
  • Adjust carb idle speed as required
  • Visually inspect emmission-control related devices
  • Visually inspect plug wires
  • Visually inspect distributor cap and rotor, when accessible
  • Visually inspect plug wires

Transmission Fluid Flush

  • Road test for engine performance, transmission operation and shift patterns
  • Flush transmission cooler and cooler line
  • Flush transmission valve body
  • Flush transmission torque converter
  • Thoroughly clean all internal parts
  • Flush out all contaminated transmission fluid and replace with clean fluid
  • Install transmission additive to revitalize transmission seals and O-rings
  • Road test vehicle for proper transmission operation

Brake fluid flush

  • Check brake fluid for contamination and moisture
  • Inspect all hydraulic lines and hoses
  • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Inspect master cylinder and caps
  • Clean dirt and old fluid out of master cylinder
  • Flush old fluid out of master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders until clean
  • Add new brake fluid to master cylinder, as needed
  • Road test vehicle for proper brake operation

Brake inspection and service

  • Visually inspect hydraulic system for leak and condition
  • Remove all wheels and inspect brake lining, brake hardware and wheel cylinders
  • Remove brake dust and deglaze brake shoes
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust parking brake
  • Lubricate backing plate and adjust hardware

Air Conditioning

  • Test system for proper Freon
  • Test Freon for moisture contamination
  • Test Freon for air contamination
  • Clean condensor fins as required
  • Inspect and adjust A/C compressor drive belt
  • Performance test A/C operation
  • Inspect all visible A/C components for leaks and add Freon dye, as needed
  • Test antifreeze for proper mix

Cooling System Power Flush

  • Pressure test cooling system for leaks
  • Flush engine, radiator and heater core in both directions
  • Bring anti-freeze temperatures to -35 degrees
  • Balance coolant PH level to between 9.8 and 10.5
  • Visually inspect radiator cooling fan for proper operation
  • Visually inspect heater operation

Power Steering Fluid Flush

  • Road test for power steering operation
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Flush power steering lines
  • Flush power steering pump
  • Flush power steering rack and pinion, and/or gear box
  • Thoroughly clean all internal parts
  • Flush out all contaminated power steering fluid and replace with clean fluid
  • Install power steering additive to revitalize seals and O-rings

Electrical System Analysis

  • Inspect battery connections
  • Charge battery to full capacity
  • Load test battery and record readings
  • Inspect alternator belt and adjust, as required
  • Perform alternator output test and record readings
  • Perform starter draw test and record readings
  • Perform test for draw on electrical system and record finidings
  • Replace battery, if required

Fuel Injection Serivce

  • Clean fuel injectors
  • Clean ISC/ASC motor, as required
  • Clean throttle body air intake
  • Visually inspect fuel line and fuel rails
  • Pressure test fuel pump
  • Test and visually inpsect fuel pump, pressure regulator, vacuum line and connections
  • Decarbonize intake manifold
  • Decarbonize intake and exhaust valves
  • Decarbonize combustion chamber and pistons
  • Test exhaust emmission

Wheel Alignment

  • Inspect suspension components for wear
  • Adjust caster and camber, if provided my manufacturer
  • Adjust toe-in
  • Center steering wheel while adjusting toe-in
Thrust Alignment:
  • Same as above plus compensate for rear wheel tracking
Four Wheel Alignment:
  • Sane as above plus set rear wheel camber and toe-in, as provided by manufacturer
Visit Us At 8035 Norwalk Road in Litchfield  Mon - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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